All bookings require a minimum 24 hours notice. And deposit.

Under the “Sex Work Act 1994” I am not permitted to describe in graphic detail the services which I provide. But I’m sure you can imagine.


  • I am no longer taking “short time” bookings.
  • There are plenty of a brothels that you can visit for this.

Before work booking

Daytime booking

Cinq-a-Sept [most popular]

Evening booking


  • Please add an additional $80 to my fee for each hour spent together outside the hotel.
  • You obviously have to pay for the meal, drinks and admission tickets to any events.
  • We can also just go for a walk along the beach or in the park.

All Night booking

  • Location: Anywhere in Melbourne.
  • Cost of hotel $200 (approximately).
  • My fee: $1000.
  • Duration: 8pm – 10am. Includes morning sex and breakfast.
  • I need my beauty sleep: midnight until 7am.

Fly me to you

  • This service is currently unavailable. Try Amy Pond instead. She’s great.

Uber Sex

  • I only see clients in hotels. Not in their private homes. I also do not take “last minute” bookings.

Paramour Escort Agency has girls available 24/7.

Payment Methods

Cash. BPAY. Bitcoin.


The deposit requested is the price of the hotel. The booking is confirmed once the hotel is confirmed.


Upon request, I may provide a tax invoice. This is a completely legal business. (SWA 9413 XE).

Cancelation Policy

If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, then I still expect you to pay the entire fee. You cannot get the deposit back once the hotel is booked.


Large gifts (over $10,000) must be accompanied by a gift deed and reported to the ATO as income.

If you are in a good mood and just want to put a smile on my face, then here are a few simple ideas:

  • Coles – I always need to do grocery shopping.
  • Uber – I hate catching public transport.
  • JB HiFi – There is no limit to how many gadgets a geek girl can have these days
  • Amazon – I like to read.
  • Dan Murphy – I’m not an alcoholic.

When I am spending my giftcard, I will be thinking of you.