Availability this week:

  • Tuesday 28 January 2020
  • Wednesday 29 January 2020
  • Thursday 30 January 2020

Availability next week:

  • I am moving house and so will not be available.

How to make a booking:

Send a text message stating clearly which of my services you are interested in, and on what date.

Phone Hours:

I have a busy life, so my phone is not switched on 24/7.

I check my phone once a day and call back anybody who was able to correctly follow the booking proceedure.

A short “phone interview” is part of my screening proceedure. If this is not a good time for me to call you, then please give me an alternative time.

Book an appointment with me.


I need a minimum 24 hours notice for all bookings. And a deposit. To get a good deal on hotels it helps to book further in advance than this.

I have a “tight pussy” so I only see gentlemen with small or medium sized penises. There are many other escorts available if you are a larger gentlemen.

I always use a condom for both sex and oral. No anal on a “first date”. No spanking that leaves marks on a “first date”. These are “extras” for regular clients.

Please wash your hands and cut your nails before you see me. Also, brush your teeth and clean under your forskin if you are not circumsized.

Arguing with me about these rules will result in an immediate cancellation of the booking.

Moon Cycle:

Ovulating: Monday 27 of January 2020

Next Period: Monday 10th of February 2020 (approximately)


Every human being is created in the image of god. We each have a divine soul within us. And we all need a little bit of love to survive. The Jewish people are currently in exile for their sins. I am just playing my small role in this drama.

Tractate Niddah