Elizabeth Adela Stanhope Forbes

This lucky young lady was educated privately in Canada and then “permitted” to continue her art studies in England – with her mother as chaperone.

She married Stanhope Forbes, who was also an artist. They had one son.

She worked in oil, watercolour and pastels and made etchings of children, landscapes and fishing scenes. Her work has been widely exhibited in the English speaking world.

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Edith Corbet

Edith Corbet was born in Australia (Goulburn 1846).

She married a painter named Arthur Murch and then moved to Italy to work with the Macchiaioli group.

This small group of artists liked to paint outdoors in order to capture natural light, shade, and colour.

They met regularly at a cafe in Florence to discuss art and politics, and were involved in various revolutionary movements.

Anna Richards Brewster

Outside the Jaffa gate.

Anna Richards Brewstar was an American painter from the early 20th century. Both her parents were struggling artists, and she grew up poor.

She married a litterature professor who encouraged her to pursue her interest in painting.

She had one son who died as a child, and despite exhibiting many artworks during her lifetime – her name has been largely forgotten.

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The Farmer’s Daughter

This painting is about the joy of life and taking pleasure in simple things.

The artist, Elizabeth Jane Gardner Bouguereau, was born in America but lived most of her life in Paris.

She began her career as a student of William-Adolphe Bouguereau. Then became his mistress. And later his wife.

She was famous for her habit of dressing in men’s clothing so as to attend male only artistic events. And even had a licence from the local police to do so.

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