Strip Clubs

There are two strip clubs located almost directly opposite each other on the King’s street end of Lonsdale Street. The Men’s Gallery and Goldfingers.

You may bring me as one of your guests. Because I have always enjoyed a good perv at other women’s arses.

Quick warning: King street is not the classiest end of town. It is famous mostly as a place for young men to get drunk then beat each other up.

Milk Chocolate

Somebody will probably accuse me of being racist for saying this, since everything is racist now – but black ladies are HOT! Especially their arses. Oh my god, their arses….

I would love to do a doubles booking with a black girl.

Especially one with a giant arse, which she can twerk all up in my face. Choose your girl here:

Crown Casino

After losing all your money at Crown Casino, you can get your heart broken by Crown Escorts.

Otherwise you can book me for a “naked tutorial” in Probability Theory and Linear Algebra.

This is the foundation of modern finance. I can help you make more money. Rather than losing what you already have. Because I’m a genius.

If you are visitng the Mahogany room, then watch out for these guys. They are dangerous. And you never know how it will end.

Movie Date – wuxia

The main movie theatres in Melbourne are:

There are also a number of smaller “independent” movie theatres:

I actually get bored at the movies. Unless it is a really good movie.

Even though the plot and the characters are almost always identical. I quite like wuxia.

Something about the cherry blossoms. And men with long flowing black hair…. Gets me every time.