Ladies of Pleasure

This is the “cream of the crop”. Girls with some intelligence and charm – in addition to their good looks.

I don’t consider an escort to be fully “independent” unless she has her own website.

High Street

These are the most popular directories, from which most punters make their bookings:

If you have never booked an escort before. And are not sure how to begin. Then Georgie Wolf can help you.

Romanian Popcorn

See also:

Various Directories

Behind the Main Drag of the Red Light District in Melbourne, there are various back alleys that you can explore.

Be warned: This is the cheap end of town. If you accidentally see something that you can never “unsee” again – like a one-legged octagenerian tranny with three breasts. Then it is entirely your own fault.


Milk Chocolate

Somebody will probably accuse me of being racist for saying this, since everything is racist now – but black ladies are HOT! Especially their arses. Oh my god, their arses….

I would love to do a doubles booking with a black girl.

Especially one with a giant arse, which she can twerk all up in my face. Choose your girl here:

Crown Casino

After losing all your money at Crown Casino, you can get your heart broken by Crown Escorts.

Otherwise you can book me for a “naked tutorial” in Probability Theory and Linear Algebra.

This is the foundation of modern finance. I can help you make more money. Rather than losing what you already have. Because I’m a genius.

If you are visitng the Mahogany room, then watch out for these guys. They are dangerous. And you never know how it will end.

Street walkers

You can pick up prostitutes on the street in St. Kilda and Dandenong. There are some also some cheap hookers in the Melbourne CBD. The price is $100 for sex.

Please be careful, because many of these girls are either on drugs or mentally ill. Or both. Also, street work is illegal in Victoria. #420

Neverthe less there is is still something deliciously skanky about a girl in high heels with an expensive handbag sticking her butt into the air provocatively while she leans in through your window to negotiate price and services.