Revenge of the Russians

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Please go here for your “free education”. And don’t take out any ridiculous student loans. or vote for the Democrats.

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How to speak “Russian”.

Basic Arithmetic

If you can’t do basic arithmetic, then it doesn’t matter how “good looking” you are – you are going to be at a major disadvantage for the rest of your life.

There are 10 types of people in the world. Those who understand binary and those who don’t.

Which one are you?

Here is a very basic tutorial on how to turn decimals into binary and vice-versa. Make sure you understand it. This is primary school stuff.

The other skill that you were supposed to learn in primary school – but apparently nobody did – is how to add fractions. Can you tell me what a half plus a third is?

Is it more than one? Or less than one? If you are not sure then watch the video below.

Whenever you are solving any kind of basic arithmetical problem, you should always estimate the answer before trying to find the exact answer.

Knowing how to calculate percentages in your head also won’t kill you. And might even save you some money.

If you can’t do this, then you have to pay the stupid tax. For the rest of your life.

You would surprised how many people try to enrol in University level math classes without knowing how to perform basic arithmetic. But it is actually not that hard.

If you need tutoring on any of these subjects, then my rates are $100 per hour. Melbourne CBD.

My style of teaching is harsh but fair. I will just make you do examples over and over and over again. Until you get it right.

Quantum Computing

This probably deserves it’s own post. The “take home” message is that it doesn’t exist. There is no such thing as “Quantum Computing”.

The “phone book” example that is usually given to explain “Quantum speed up” is just plain wrong. And the reason is simple: You have to transpose the Unitary matrix corresponding to the “Oracle”. And that is O(n) not O(1). Yeah. Embaressing.

It is all a big funding scam. Same as “String Theory” and “Climate Change”.

Everybody knows this to be the case. Some mathematician choose to take the money anyway. So they can stay in “Science”. While others choose to work in the banking sector instead. Where they can make even more money. Both sides believe themselves to be “morally superior”.

From this day forward, my allegiances in the String Wars will be open for sale to the highest bidder. Like a cynical arms merchant, I will offer my computational-complexity and humor services to both sides, and publicly espouse the views of whichever side seems more interested in buying them at the moment. Fly me to an exotic enough location, put me up in a swank enough hotel, and the number of spacetime dimensions can be anything you want it to be: 4, 10, 11, or even 172.9+3πi.

Someday, perhaps, a dramatic new experimental finding or theoretical breakthrough will change the situation vis-à-vis string theory and its competitors. Until then, I shall answer to no quantum-gravity research program, but rather seek to profit from them all.

Scott Aaronson.

“It is absolutely impossible for me to hide how intensely I despise people like Scott Aaronson … He’s the ultimate example of a complete moral breakdown of a scientist. It is astonishing that the situation became so bad that the people are not only corrupt and dishonest but they proudly announce this fact on their blogs…” — Luboš Motl.

Get used to it – that’s all I can say. Also. Try to have a sense of humour.

David Walsh

File this one away in the category of “Professional Gamblers with Math Degrees“. David Walsh managed to get himself into a very long and painful dispute with the ATO.

Since I have never done an honest days work in my life, why on Earth should I pay tax? It is an absurd notion.


Gambling wins are not taxable. FACT.

Actually, it was Zeljko Ranogajec who was the real “math brain” behind this particular shady operation. An elusive man who goes by many different names and has no fixed address.

Now, of course, David Walsh is an “Art Collector”. A highly respectable occupation – if ever their was one.

“Art can make very imprecise statements that are very profound and communicate them quickly. It overloads all the senses and emotions—not just our intellectual capacity,”

David Walsh

In my opinion, his taste in art is beyond terrible. But probably nobody asked my opinion.


Our “evil genius” of the week is Aristotle Oanassis.

He got his start in “tobacco smuggling” and then tried to take over the Monte Carlo Casino.

I’m not sure exactly what went wrong. But Basil Zaharoff may have been involved…. Things usually go wrong when he turns up.

If you are of Greek ethnic origin then you can apply for Greek “art and culture” funding from Oanassis Foundation.

Money is Debt

People have a number of misconceptions about Money. For example:

  • Paper money can be exchanged for gold.
  • Money is printed by the government.
  • Rich people are greedy, lying, thieving scumbags.

Let’s go through these one at a time. The gold standard existed throughout most of the British Empire, and was very much intertwined with the notion of “Free Trade”. It was formally abolished on August 15, 1971.

Money is not printed by the government. The government must borrow money from the central bank, and then repay this money by collecting taxes.

The central bank is owned by all the other banks. It is a private institution. Money is created by banks, completely out of thin air, by issuing loans. This system actually dates back to 15th century Florence and is known today as “double entry book keeping”.

Lorenzo the Magnificent

You probably have both a “debit card” and a “credit card”. In Latin “debit” and “credit” are the words for Left and Right respectively.

Your debit card balance is the money that the bank owes you. And your credit card balance is the money that you owe the bank.

You have a “ledger” and the bank has a “ledger”.

When you borrow $100 from the bank, the “bank clerk” adds $100 to the credit side of your ledger, and $100 to the debit side of the bank ledger.

Conversely when you deposit $100 into your savings account, the “bank clerk” adds $100 to the debit side of your ledger. And $100 to the credit side of the bank ledger.

It really is that simple. The “scam” is the fact that the bank charges you a much higher interest rate to borrow money, than you get to charge when you lend money to the bank.

Also, the bank lends out about 10 times as much money as it actually has. Or more. Hoping that nobody will notice. You and I are not allowed to loan out money that we don’t have. Because we are not banks.

The biggest difference between between rich people and poor people is that rich people understand how money works, and are able to use debt to their own advantage. While poor people lack access to finance.

Some people in the “developed world” have much greater access to finance than they realize. But they lack basic financial education.

All socialists can do is fantasize about “killing rich people” – and Jews. Which doesn’t actually solve any of their financial problems.

“No amount of violence can ever solve a math problem”

Jacob Appelbaum

I think it was actually the Babyonians who invented banking. Not the Yehudites. But there is little point arguing with ignorant people.

Trump, for the record, is an “honourary Jew”. That’s why they hate him so much. He grew up not far from Brooklyn and has been doing business with “Lithuanians” his entire life. He even has a town named after him in Israel. And a train station in Jerusalem. You can hate Trump for being rich. Or you can read a book about Real Estate Investment and get rich yourself. The choice is yours.

Rich people aren’t any more greedy or selfish than anybody else. All humans are greedy and selfish. Rich people just have a better strategy for obtaining what their heart most desires. You need a plan to succeed in life. You can’t just wander around at random and hope for the best. It won’t work.

The good news is that you can download pretty much any book on any subject for free from the Russian Library. There is no need to enrol in an expensive university degree in order to get a “financial education”. There are also many resources available on youtube.

Money is power. And there is no excuse for continued ignorance and poverty when all this information is freely available at your fingertips. Just by having an Australian passport you are massively “ahead of the game“.

Obviously, if you are in Yemen or Libya or some place like that – then you have some much more serious problems on your hands.

Delinquent Debt

There is a problem with our banking system that is inherently impossible to fix. And it is this: All loans must be paid back with interest.

The reason for “interest” is that the the lender is taking a “risk” by lending you the money. You might not pay it back at all. So, without “interest” what motivation is there for him to lend it to you in the first place?

Loans that never get paid back are called “delinquent debt”. Sometimes banks and corporations will keep these loans “on the books” as assets – even when they know it is impossible that they will ever get paid. This leads to “zombie corporations” and “zombie banks“.

It is actually impossible for everybody to pay back their debt. Suppose that the bank is offering to lend you $100. An expects you to pay them back $110 at the end of the month. If 20 people take this “deal”. There is now $2000 in circulation.

Everybody is buying and selling things to each other. And at the end of the month, $2200 needs to be paid back to the bank. Somebody is going to fail to pay back their loan.

The banking system is actually a “pyramid scheme”. The old debt can only be paid off with new debt.

The banks are constantly “expanding the money supply” by issuing new debt. There is always more “debt” than “money” in the economy.

In order to keep the ratio of debt to money something reasonable. The only way to do this is to expand the money supply at an exponential rate.

There is no such thing as “sustainable growth”. Built into the very structure of the monetary system itself – the economy must grow exponentially.

Bank of Crooks and Criminals International

The BCCI was a real bank that actually existed. It is such a crazy story that they even made a movie about it.

One of the most famous clients of this bank was a man called Marc Rich, who was responsible for selling Iranian oil to Israel through a secret oil pipeline – amongst many, many other things.

Treasure Islands

If you are a “conspiracy theorist” then a book you might enjoy reading is Treasure Islands. This is a “not so boring” book about tax. And how not to pay it.

There are no “Lizard people” in this story – which might disappoint you. Just a bunch of sleazy acountants – from various different ethnic backgrounds. But it is an interesting read.

Maybe after reading this book you will decide that accounting is a lot more interesting than you originally thought. I mean, money is cool, right? We all like money.