Deal of The Century

With everybody screaming over the top of each other – it is hard to figure out exactly what is going on. But I think that the “deal” is that Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and the UAE will invest in basic Palestinian infrustructure.

This is desperately needed. Because people tend to kill each other less when the economy is going well.

When it is easy to go down to the beach and have an ice-cream then it is much harder to remember why we all hated each other in the first place.

This is the difference between retribution and restitutive justice.

Obviously the “deal” only includes the “west bank” and not “gaza” because HAMAS is completely insane. Nobody really has any idea what to do about this.

I still think we need a “Middle Eastern Dance Party” to counter all the Islamic Extremism.

Gilet Jaune

Nothing has changed in France. And the “liberal elite” are still completely out of touch with the general population.

This whole “yellow vests” thing started because some silly “greenies” tried to introduce a “carbon tax” – which predictably made everything much more expensive for ordinary people who were already struggling financially. Nobody saw that one coming.

Macron had to “go into hiding” for a while. And the carbon tax has now been rolled back. But there are apparently some deeper issues that still have to be resolved.

Like, for example, that the entire country is completely corrupt.

Israeli News

It would appear that Israeli Jews and American Jews have pretty much “parted ways” at this point. I read the Israeli news.

Israel Hayom is owned by Sheldon Adelson – the casino guy.

MEMRI is a “not-for-profit” with 250 different donors. The main ones being the Bradley Foundation and the Randolph Foundation.

Nobody who lives in Israel seriously “believes” in Peace. (Nor does anybody in the Arab world). That is a purely American fiction.

They hate us.

There will be no Peace until Moshiach comes. That could be tomorrow. Or it could not be for another thousand years. Or more.

Herald Sun

This story was too funny to let pass without some remark.

The long and the short of it is that somebody was running a meth lab out of the former location of The Daily Planet. Australia’s only publicly listed brothel.

Not only this, but the meth lab in question had “rebranded” itself as a “rehab center” and was working directly with the court system to “supervise” criminals who had been released on bail.

“It is astonishing how something like this could even happen”

Victoria Police

Full story available here.