Children’s Rights

At the risk of offending “feminists”, I must say that I care more about “Children’s Rights” than I do about “Women’s Rights”.

You can beat your own children and curse them as much as you like. And there is nothing anybody can do about it. There is no “children’s court” where a child may plead their case against their parents to a third party – in whatever limited language they may possess.

Children lack basic “human rights”. Adults may confiscate a child’s property, and violate a child’s privacy – with no consequences. They may physically confine a child and restrict that child’s movement.

A child cannot open a bank account, or run their own business. I’m not advocating for the “right” for children to work in factories and coal mines. Or to have sex with adults. But some basic respect for human dignity would be nice. Children are people too.

Obviously children should be given “clear boundaries”. But this is not the same thing as “arbitrary punishment” just because the parent is in a bad mood.

In at least 80% of child abuse cases the abuser is a woman. Because the biological mother is almost always the “primary caregiver” of the child.

But “feminist ideology” will never address this issue – because women can do no wrong, according to “feminism”. These people go on and on about the “power imbalance” between men and women. What about the “power imbalance” between mother and child?

Women tend to be less physically violent and more emotionally and verbally abusive. They can also be psychologically manipulative. Having a vagina does not automatically make you a “good person”.

Israeli Elections

Israeli politiccs is quite a lot more complicated than American or Australian politics. It is not a “two party system”.

My housemate and I were trying to figure out who to vote for and we found this useful chart. First question: Are you Arab? Russian? or Israeli?

Obviously we are both Russian.

Okay, so Russia doesn’t exist anymore. Wait, what? That’s right: Russia doesn’t exist anymore.

This is where our paths diverge. He believes in Mob Justice (aka public lynchings), high taxes, strong government regulation of everything and “equaility of outcome” (aka partitcipation trophies).

He also believes in banning certain words from the English language. Like “dyke” and “nuff-nuff“.

I think “nigga” is banned in America. But I’m allowed to say it. Because I am Australian. I can also say “cunt”. Because this is my website. Not yours. Go make your own website. And then say nothing of any interest on it – because you banned all the words.

Apparently being Jewish is offensive, in and of itself. There’s not much you can really do about it.

“Jew” is both the polite thing to call a group of people and a slur.

Louis C.K.

I am an “individualist” who believes in personal excellence, The Rule of Law and “small government”. I also believe that everybody should give 10-15% of their income to the charity of their choice. As a matter of good conscience. Rather than government compulsion.

The reason why we don’t steal from our neighbours, and randomly rape and assault people on the street is not because we “fear the police”. But because we have an understanding that we live together as a society, and these are the rules which make that possible.

Historically it was the Catholic Church who provided schools and hospitals to the general public. That seems like a good model to me. Welfare can be provided by “Non-profit organizations”. Religious or otherwise. It is not the proper role of the government to provide welfare.

All Roads lead to Rome.

The government should only be providing an army to protect against foreign invasion. And a police force to enforce the legal rulings of the court system. The police should obviously not act outside the Jurisdiction of the Courts.

Maybe the government should also build roads. But even that is debatable. I think even the Roman government subcontracted out the maintenance of it’s road. As well as the collection of it’s taxes.

Anyway, according the flow chart, my housemate should vote for “HaAvoda“[Labour] and I should vote for “Yisrael Beitenu” [Israel is our Home].

At least neither of us voted for “wiping Israel off the map”.

If you didn’t already know. Israeli citizens do not require a visa to visit Russia for less than 90 days. And can spend up to 5 months and 29 days there per year. Tax free.

In contrast, most Muslim countries will not even recognize the Israeli passport. Which is annoying.

I told you we were special.


I quite enjoy listening to An0maly [zero instead of an “oh”]. Maybe just because he’s got nice hair and a cute “surfer accent”. Visit his homepage for more videos and political commentary.

Unfortunately An0maly is a fan of Louis Farrakhan and David Icke. Both of these popular “public speakers” believe that “Jews secretly control the world“.

I wish I secretly controlled the world. I’m still waiting for my invitation to the next Bilderberg meeting. What’s going on, guys? Why wasn’t I invited?

A large collection of Nazi propaganda is freely available online (in English translation) for historical study. I would actually encourage people to read this material in order to get a better understanding of WWII.

At a bare minmum, “Farrakhan and Icke and friends” can be accused of plagarism and a lack of originality. Because there is nothing “new” in any of their work.

In my opinion, it doesn’t really accomplish anything to get angry and upset and scream “RACIST!” at the top of your lungs. This behaviour does not lead to the desired outcome. [Not getting murdered].

It is actually “god” who secretly controls the world. And it’s not even a particularly big secret.

The “Jesus Freaks” are very confused on this subject – because they are worshipping a Jewish guy instead of “god”. Which entirely misses the point.

The Muslims are slightly closer to the truth when the point out that Jewish people are all hopeless degenerates who can’t seem to do what “god” tells them to do.

But it’s not like you’re any better. I don’t know what goes on underneath those burkas – but I’m sure it’s nasty.

An0maly also appears to believe that the Earth is the flat, and the Moon doesn’t really exist – it’s just an optical illusion. Not entirely sure what to make of that. There are many strange things on the internet.

Anyway, rappers have always liked Donald Trump.

They admire him for his success in business.

You may not know that Donald Trump’s grandfather was a pimp. And it was actually his mother Elizabeth Trump who built up the successful Real-Estate Empire from a small amount of seed capital [obtained through prostitution].

It’s true that there is a dearth of “black” mathematicians and bankers. But one exception is Dr Boyce Watkins. He is also a fan of Louis Farrakhan. Which is unfortunate. Because I agree with many other things that he says.

It might be worth remembering that the Nazis killed quite a number of wealthy Germans – who were not Jewish. Because they were socialists. I’m sure they would gladly kill wealthy “black” people too.

Black people are not doing well economically. And Jewish people are. There’s no point in denying it.

I like Dr Boyce Watkins approach that “finance” is a subject that can be learned by anybody.

Contrary to popular misconception, there is no magic Jewish “money gene“. But there are some timeless principles which date back to the Babylonians.

If you didn’t know, Ancient Babylon was located in the same geographic area as modern day Iraq. This is where “civilization” began. [If you ignore India and China].

Jewish people are unusual in that we can trace our family history back, in an unbroken chain, about 3000 years. A certain amount of knowledge is passed from generation to generation, from father to son. [And occasionally the daughters receive some education too].

If you study Jewish History you will see that we get “beaten up and robbed” on a regular basis. But we are always able to rebuild because we understand the basic principles of finance.

If you weren’t lucky enough to be taught basic financial concepts by your own parents – then learn them from Dr Boyce Watkins. There’s actually no “magic” to it. But you will need to master Basic Arithmetic.

This advice applies to anybody who is struggling with money. Not just “black” people. There are quite a number of resources freely available online that you can make use of to improve your “basic financial literacy“.

Money is the “great equalizer” – which is why Jewish people love it. Money allows you to do business with people who you don’t even particularly like. Nobody is going to refuse to take your cash because you are “black”. Even if they are “racist” – they will still gladly take your money.

Also, a quick stupid question: Why is it “okay” to call somebody “black” but it is not okay to call them a “negro”? When “negro” is just the Latin word for black? There is something offensive about speaking in Latin?

Probably the “polite” thing to do is to call people by their names – rather than distinguishing physical features – like shorty or fatty or “four eyes”.

I guess I believe that the best way to “cure” racism is for “black” people to become more financially successful. Green is the colour of money, and it is the only colour that really matters.

The best way to “cure” anti-semitism is for everybody to become more “financially literate”. If people knew how the system actually works then there would be a lot less Lizard Conspiracies.

If you are “too lazy” to read an introductory accounting book. Then I guess you deserve to be poor – on some level.

Some people want to be slaves. As a “slave” you get free food and a roof over your head. You don’t have to “think too much” so long as you spend a few hours each day performing simple manual tasks for your “master”.

Standard Total Academic View (STAV)

The point of this post is to point out that “everybody” can be wrong. But first a cute video. Because this is heavy stuff.

Anyway: The Khmer Rouge. Nobody can make any excuses for these guys. It is too disgusting for words. But make excuses they did.

“Many of those who had been opponents of U.S. military actions in Vietnam and Cambodia feared that the tales of murder and deprivation under the Khmer Rouge regime would validate the claims of those who had supported U.S. government actions aimed at halting the spread of communism. Conservatives pointed to the actions of the Khmer Rouge as proof of the inherent evils of communism and evidence that the U.S. had been right to fight its long war against communists in Southeast Asia …

Quick! Somebody help me move these bodies…..

Some Western scholars believed that the Khmer Rouge would free Cambodia from colonialism, capitalism, and the ravages of American bombing and invasion during the Vietnam War…… Almost all Cambodian scholars in the Western world, “hoped for, more than anything, a socialist success story with all the romantic ingredients of peasants, fighting imperialism, and revolution.” [Source: wikipedia]

The West was indifferent to the atrocities taking place in Cambodia due to “the influence of anti-war academics on the American left who obfuscated Khmer Rouge behavior, denigrated the post-1975 refugee reports, and denounced the journalists who got those stories.” [Source: wikipedia]

Porter characterized the accounts of a million or more dead Cambodians as wildly exaggerated. He said, “I cannot accept the premise … that 1 million people have been murdered systematically or that the Government of Cambodia is systematically slaughtering its people.”….. Porter never mentioned having spoken to any Cambodian refugees to evaluate their stories personally. [Source: wikipedia]

Solarz, who had visited Cambodian refugee camps and listened to refugees’ stories of Khmer Rouge atrocities, characterized justifications and explanations during the hearing about the Khmer Rouge as “cowardly and contemptible” and compared them to the justifications of the murder of Jews [Source: wikipedia]

Chomsky, he said, questioned “refugee testimony” believing that “their stories were exaggerations or fabrications, designed for a western media involved in a ‘vast and unprecedented propaganda campaign’ against the Khmer Rouge government, ‘including systematic distortion of the truth.’. [Source: wikipedia]

Gunnar Bergström was just 27 years old and he was an idealist and a leftist, believing that the reports about overwork, starvation and mass killings in Cambodia were just “Western propaganda”…… They saw “smiling peasants”, a society on its way to become “an ideal society, …with no oppressors”. [Source: wikipedia]

Evidence that emerged after the fall of the regime shocked Bergström, forcing him to change his views. He said that it was “like falling off the branch of the tree” and that he had to re-identify everything he had believed in…… he recommended that everybody should learn history and he stated that a peaceful communist revolution is not possible. [Source: wikipedia]

With the takeover of Cambodia by Vietnam in 1979 and the discovery of incontestable evidence of Khmer Rouge atrocities, including mass graves, the “tales told by refugees”, which had been doubted by many Western academics, proved to be entirely accurate…… Some former enthusiasts for the Khmer Rouge recanted their previous views, others diverted their interest to other issues, and a few continued to defend the Khmer Rouge. [Source: wikipedia].

Most “lefties” that I know will just try to “change the subject” if you ever bring this up. Or randomly get angry about something else. Because there is no intelligent response. You should try it some time.

Australian Ben Kiernan recanted after interviewing 500 Cambodian refugees in 1979. He admitted that he had been “late in recognizing the extent of the tragedy in Cambodia … and wrong”.

Kudos to that guy. It is never easy to admit you were wrong.

Margret Sanger – Eugenics

I would still consider myself “pro-choice” because a woman is in an extremely vulneratble position during the first 3 years of her child’s life. And limited in movement for another 10 years after that. Deciding to have a child is no small thing.

Nevertheless, this story needs to be told: Margaret Sanger was a racist.

Racism was always a “scientific” theory which had a great deal of respect amongst the well-educated “intellectual class”.

What do I mean by racist? I have a very specific definition. It starts with Darwinism. And the idea of natural selection. Survival of the fittest.

The next step is “Social Darwinism”. This is the idea that different “societies” are fighting over limited resources: Food, water and land.

Only one “group of people” can survive. And the rest will inevitably be wiped out.

Humans have no “soul” in this theory. We are just animals. Living in a purely materialistic world.

Most of the “planned parenthood” centers were placed in black neighbourhoods. Black people were told they were “too poor” to have children.

Rather than making efforts to improve their economic situation, black women were encouraged to kill their own babies.

Other people encouraged to abort included prostitutes and the mentally ill. The same “criminal class” of white people who were shipped off to Australia back in the day. For being dirty and drunk and missing teeth – and probably Irish.

Racism is not really about “black skin” versus “white skin”. That is just a convenient and easily visible marker for who is “in” and who is “out”. Two different tribes of “black” people can easily massacre and enslave each other. As history has clearly demonstrated.

Racism is a scarcity minded attitude. A belief that there is not enough to go around. The “greenies” have this attitude. They genuinely believe that the world is “over-populated”. These people seem to be particularly worried about the “population explosion” in Africa.

Let me ask you a simple question: If the world is over-populated, then what exactly do you propose to do about it? The answer should send a chill down your spine.

Actually, there is plenty to go around. With modern agricultural techniques we can easily grow enough food to feed 100 times the current population of the Earth. Or more.

There is also no shortage of oil. There is a shit mother-fucking tonne of oil in the ground. And ZERO evidence that burning it damages the atmosphere in anyway. This is all bullshit.

Meteorologists can’t even tell us what the weather is going to be like next week. Let alone in 12 years. So: Be fruitful and multiply.

Don’t worry. And fuck like a bunny.

Christian Persecution

Obviously I’m not a Christian. And there have been some “tensions” between Christians and Jews over the centuries. To put it mildly.

When you see Christians being persecuted in the Middle-East it is tempting to say: “Well, it serves them bloody right”. But on more sober reflection, that is not such a great attitude to take.

Firstly, nobody chooses which religion they are born into. And people cannot be held responsible for crimes which may or may not have been committed by their ancestors.

Secondly, nobody “deserves” to have their house burned down, their wife raped, and their children murdered before their eyes.

It is a basic principle of “Justice” that even a criminal must first stand trial before he is found guilty and punished for whatever he did wrong.


Australia doesn’t have the same “racial issues” as America. The Demographics are just different. More Asians. Less “Hispanics”.

Also, the “black” people in Australia are not descendants of West African slaves. They are East African refugees from Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia and Eritrea. Same as the “black” people in Israel.

East Africa and West Africa are two completely different places. Maybe they have the same skin colour – but the History is completely different.

The Somalis consider themselves to be “Arab”. And the Ethopian Church is older than the Roman Catholic Church. There are Ethiopian Jews – who mostly live in Israel now.

The Queen of Sheeba was from Ethiopia. Sudan was once called Nubia. And the Pharaohs of Egypt were probably “black”. Moses married a Kushite woman.

There is no such thing as “white people“. The English and the French and the Germans and the Russians have hated each other since forever. Nordic people look very different from Mediteranian people. Which includes North Africans.

The original Aryans were from Persia and North India. My brother could easily pass as a Saudi Prince. And he needs to wear sunscreen when he goes outside in the Australian summer heat. Are Semites white?

Anyway, every body already knows that during the civil war the Democrats were the party of slavery. And the KKK were all Democrats. 100% of them. At least I hope you know this.

What you may not know is that it is the Democrats which have consistantly pushed for policies like the 1994 Crime Bill. Which has resulted in the mass incareration of young African-American Men for minor drug offenses.

You also may not be aware that the Hezbollah assists the Central and South American Drug Cartels to build these underground drug smuggling tunnels from Mexico to the United States.


You have probably all heard about the Vietnam war. From some crusty old hippy or another. But what you might not know is that after the US forces retreated, and Saigon fell to the Communists – there were a couple of million refugees who had to flee for their lives. Those who didn’t make it to Australia, or drown at sea, were “re-educated” into Communist Ideology.

Whitlam did not just oppose Vietnamese refugees but what few Vietnamese were allowed into Australia in 1974-1975 had to sign an undertaking not to engage in politics.


The Left wanted the Communists to win. This is the key point to take home.

You can find these “class traitors” engaged in the evils of commerce at the Footscray market on every day of the week except Sunday.

The Big Lie

I like Dinesh D’Souza. He’s a True Englishman – like they don’t make them anymore.

“The great masses of the people more easily fall victim to the big lie than to a little one, since they themselves lie in little things, but would be ashamed of lies that were too big. Such a falsehood will never enter their heads, and they will not be able to believe in the possibility of such monstrous effrontery and infamous misrepresentation in others.”