Revenge of the Russians

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Please go here for your “free education”. And don’t take out any ridiculous student loans. or vote for the Democrats.

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How to speak “Russian”.

Israeli Elections

Israeli politiccs is quite a lot more complicated than American or Australian politics. It is not a “two party system”.

My housemate and I were trying to figure out who to vote for and we found this useful chart. First question: Are you Arab? Russian? or Israeli?

Obviously we are both Russian.

Okay, so Russia doesn’t exist anymore. Wait, what? That’s right: Russia doesn’t exist anymore.

This is where our paths diverge. He believes in Mob Justice (aka public lynchings), high taxes, strong government regulation of everything and “equaility of outcome” (aka partitcipation trophies).

He also believes in banning certain words from the English language. Like “dyke” and “nuff-nuff“.

I think “nigga” is banned in America. But I’m allowed to say it. Because I am Australian. I can also say “cunt”. Because this is my website. Not yours. Go make your own website. And then say nothing of any interest on it – because you banned all the words.

Apparently being Jewish is offensive, in and of itself. There’s not much you can really do about it.

“Jew” is both the polite thing to call a group of people and a slur.

Louis C.K.

I am an “individualist” who believes in personal excellence, The Rule of Law and “small government”. I also believe that everybody should give 10-15% of their income to the charity of their choice. As a matter of good conscience. Rather than government compulsion.

The reason why we don’t steal from our neighbours, and randomly rape and assault people on the street is not because we “fear the police”. But because we have an understanding that we live together as a society, and these are the rules which make that possible.

Historically it was the Catholic Church who provided schools and hospitals to the general public. That seems like a good model to me. Welfare can be provided by “Non-profit organizations”. Religious or otherwise. It is not the proper role of the government to provide welfare.

All Roads lead to Rome.

The government should only be providing an army to protect against foreign invasion. And a police force to enforce the legal rulings of the court system. The police should obviously not act outside the Jurisdiction of the Courts.

Maybe the government should also build roads. But even that is debatable. I think even the Roman government subcontracted out the maintenance of it’s road. As well as the collection of it’s taxes.

Anyway, according the flow chart, my housemate should vote for “HaAvoda“[Labour] and I should vote for “Yisrael Beitenu” [Israel is our Home].

At least neither of us voted for “wiping Israel off the map”.

If you didn’t already know. Israeli citizens do not require a visa to visit Russia for less than 90 days. And can spend up to 5 months and 29 days there per year. Tax free.

In contrast, most Muslim countries will not even recognize the Israeli passport. Which is annoying.

I told you we were special.

Dee Dee

Orlov took it in and looked inquiringly at Roth. Neither spoke. Roth just stared at him with very cold eyes. Orlov‘s puzzlement ebbed, and a resigned awareness took its place. No one spoke.”

The only important person missing from this ridiculous story is Mr. Pebbles. The first cat in space.

No, really.

“He looked at the board in front of him and placed the tip of one forefinger on top of the crown of his king. He pushed. The red king toppled sideways and fell, the chess player admission of capitulation”

Mogilevitch vs Mikhaelov

There is a lot of infomation which has disappeared of google recently. I can’t find the actual article I was looking for, so this one will have to do.

I’m not sure what I really wanted to say about this guy. Except that you probably never want to meet him.

His best friend isn’t much fun either.

Both these charming gentlemen can have you assasinated pretty much anywhere on the planet. Not just in Russia. So it is usually best just not to argue with them.

Alexander Orlov

Who is the real Alexander Orlov? He is the former chief of the KGB. If you didn’t already know that, then you should maybe learn some Russian History.

His biggest “claim to fame” is misappropriating the entire Spanish Gold Reserve during the Civil War.

His “uncle” Grigory is known for having stolen the world’s largest diamond straight out of the third eye of a treasured Hindu idol. And then using it to seduce Catherine the Great.

I am not even making this up.

Obviously I have absolutely nothing to do with the KGB. Just check my ASIO file. Most of it has been blacked out for reasons of National Security.

If you don’t believe me then please call Putin.