Our Little Secret. Shhh…

If a tree falls in an empty forest, then does it really make a sound?

The Oral Tradition.

I am a very private person. You do not need to provide me with your full name and ID to make a booking.

My only screening procedure is a short “phone interview” to make sure you are not obviously a psychopath.

I can afford to be a little picky. So if I don’t get a good “vibe” from you, then I won’t proceed with the booking.

I am a professional, so I will not ask you any questions about your job, family, business or private life – unless you volunteer this information.

It goes without saying that I will not share the details of our encounter. Not even with my best friend – who knows much better than to ever enquire about such things.

Lashon Hara is an unforgivable sin.

This is your little fantasy session. To escape the “hum drum” of every day life. Everybody needs some adventure to stay fresh and alive.

You can be whoever you want to be with me. Make up a new name for yourself. And invent a new character. Just have fun with it. Life is supposed to be fun and exciting.

I have a list of recommended hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues in Melbourne for you to choose from.

To teach a woman Talmud is to teach her promiscuity.

The Rabbis

I accept payment via bitcoin and can book the hotel under my name if you prefer.

It is very easy to create a disposible email address or leave a message for me on pastebin.

PGP keys are probably not necessary – and would be taking it to the extreme.

The Gemara relates: There was a certain student, about whom a rumor emerged that he revealed a statement that was stated in the study hall and should have been kept secret, and the rumor emerged twenty-two years after the time the statement was revealed. Rav Ami removed him from the study hall as a punishment. Rav Ami said: This is a revealer of secrets and he cannot be trusted.